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Orthodontics: Is It Just Cosmetic?

Orthodontics: Cosmetic or Not?

There’s been the debate that orthodontic dentistry is just cosmetic dentistry. However, this can be far from the truth. Orthodontic dentistry is very important in maintaining a person’s high comfort level as well as helping them maintain a high self-esteem. Some people need braces due to comfort issues. A tooth that ruptured through the gum at the wrong angle, a tooth that came out on top of another tooth. Those are just a few reasons as to why a person might need braces that are not cosmetic related.

What is Orthodontic dentistry?

Orthodontic treatment helps patients align their teeth in a customisable fashion. It allows patients to adjust their smile while helping them maintain a good oral hygiene. With the use of metal fixtures, and a metal wire, a person’s smile can be aligned to fit their jaw and mandible.

Below, you can see what some patient’s who have gone, or are currently going through orthodontic treatment, have to say about their experience. The following video was produced by Lemonlight Media, a Chicago video production company.



As you can see, obtaining braces is not a harrowing experience. For a majority of patients, getting braces was an incredible choice that they do not regret. Braces help people with even the most intense cases.

Advantages of Braces

orthodontics-cosmetic-dentistryThe main advantage for getting braces is the beautiful results: an aligned smile. This is especially helpful when people are in their teens. By undergoing the treatment at a relatively young age, it allows the body to better adjust to the braces and allows for optimal results.

The resulting smile gives people a high boost in their confidence, which leads to higher happiness levels. Braces are a life changer. If you’re thinking about braces, just go for it. After all, the longer you wait, the longer you’ll have to wear them.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

images (6)If you have heard about Cosmetic Dentistry then you would know that this is a rather new branch of dentistry that has been gaining a lot of popularity. It is something you should consider in case you feel like you are not confident enough with your smile or grin. You may need help in that case, and cosmetic dentistry is the right place for that. It fundamentally concentrates on change thedental style in shading, position, shape, size, arrangement and general appearance. Many dental specialists allude to themselves as restorative dental practitioners paying little mind to their particular instruction, claim to fame, preparing, and involvement in this field.

Understanding about Cosmetic Dentistry

This has been viewed as unscrupulous with a transcendent goal of showcasing to patients. The American Dental Association does not perceive restorative dentistry as a formal claim to fame range of dentistry. cdentHowever, there are still dental practitioners that advance themselves as corrective dental specialists. Corrective dentistry may include the expansion of a dental material to teeth or gums, the expulsion of tooth structure or gums, neither including nor expelling dental materials, tooth structure, or gums, rectifying of teeth joined by a change in the appearance of the face, and many others.

images (8)Brightening, or tooth fading, is the most widely recognized corrective dental system. While numerous brightening choices are currently accessible, including over the counter items, dental specialist regulated medications remain the suggested methodology for helping stained teeth.Teeth reshaping and holding performed in one office visit is also a very popular branch of cosmetic dentistry. All in all, there is no need to feel like you would never be beautiful enough because of your teeth anymore because there are lots of things that could be done in order to rectify the situation and make it turn in your favor, although the cost can be rather high.